20 years of the real Living Wage – over £1.5 billion extra put into workers’ pockets

Over £1.5 billion in increased wages has been put back into the pockets of workers through the campaign for a real Living Wage over the past 20 years, according to new research published by the Living Wage Foundation and Cardiff Business School.

In Wales, the Living Wage movement has gained increasing momentum in the past few years with over £50 million in increased wages for workers since Welsh accreditations began in 2012.

Key findings of the study include: 

  • Since its inception 20 years ago, the Living Wage campaign has put back more than £1.53bn into the pockets of over 260,000 low-paid workers. 
  • Almost three-quarters of employers paying the real Living Wage said that accrediting with the Living Wage Foundation had improved their reputation as an employer
  • The number of Living Wage Employers has continued to grow, even during the pandemic, with over 2,600 more employers committing to pay the real Living Wage since the 23d March lockdown last year.

The real Living Wage is the UK’s only independently calculated wage rate based on meeting people’s everyday needs, it is currently £9.50 an hour in Wales. 

To celebrate accredited Welsh employers, we have been collecting case studies and stories from around Wales, highlighting the reasons behind accreditation and the benefits for employers and workers.

Find out more about the Living Wage in Wales and how to join the network of accredited employers including Wales & West Housing, Waterloo Tea, Redrow Homes Ltd, Cardiff Council, Oasis Cardiff, Ffilm Cymru, Wales Millennium Centre, The Village Bakery, Seren Support Services and lots more.

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