Bevan Foundation: Championing Fair Pay- A Living Wage Wales

Bevan Foundation are working to end poverty and inequality in Wales and creating real change. This includes supporting the Living Wage for Wales movement in any way that they can including hosting round table discussions, producing videos and reports and generally being champions for the Living Wage and accreditation process.

Here, you can see the roundtable discussion around the announcement of the new rate during a pandemic from Living Wage Week November 2020 with input from Cynnal Cymru Director Sarah Hopkins, Sue Husband (BITC Cymru), Dominic MacAskil (Unison Cymru), Heather Myers (South Wales Chambers) and Nisreen Mansour (TUC).

Here, you can see a video showing the response from some Living Wage employers on why they choose to pay the rate and what it means to employees.

Below, you can find the Fair Pay: A Living Wage Wales report.

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