Circus Eruption: Demonstrating commitment by becoming an accredited employer

Circus Eruption are based in Swansea and run integrated circus workshops for children and young people of all abilities, who grow in confidence, self-esteem and resilience as well as having fun! Some of them face challenges like statements or labels of disability, being refugees/asylum seekers, being young carers, or being on the edge of care or care experienced.

They were already paying all staff above the Real Living Wage before they chose to accredit.

“It made sense to accredit given that we have always paid fairly and believe that employees should receive fair reward of which the cost of living should be the bare minimum.”

Karen Chalk, Project Co-ordinator

Circus Eruption are also growing and changing as an organisation; and are likely to be making new appointments in the coming years so wanted to set what was previously an informal commitment in stone.

“In the third sector, valuing everyone’s contributions fairly should come naturally. It’s more important to do the right thing than shout about it, but accrediting is a signal of your commitment and an indicator of the intent of your organisation and ensures that your future remains fair as well!”

Karen Chalk, Project Co-ordinator

Organisation: Circus Eruption
Location: Swansea
Date of accreditation: 2 Feb 2021

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