Employer Perspectives: Nuvolt a living Wage & Hours Employer

We had the pleasure of visiting Nuvolt Ltd based in Cardiff, South Wales recently and they shared their experience as an accredited Living Wage Employer some of the reasons why they decided to commit to paying a real Living Wage.

Nuvolt is a forward-thinking company dedicated to advancing low carbon technology solutions. We specialise in advising, designing, constructing, maintaining, and optimising renewable installations. Our approach is holistic, offering a full turnkey solution for new developments, refurbishments, and retrofits of existing buildings. Our portfolio includes Solar, Battery Storage, and EV Charging solutions.

“As the co-founder of Nuvolt, I am immensely proud of our decision to implement the real Living Wage. This move aligns perfectly with our core values of sustainability, innovation, and quality. It’s not just about enhancing our employees’ livelihoods; it’s about setting a standard in the industry and contributing positively to the broader community. Seeing the tangible benefits in our team’s morale and productivity reaffirms my belief that when we take care of our people, they take care of our business. This is a vital step in our journey towards creating a more sustainable and equitable future.”

Matthew Phillips, Director and Co-founder, Nuvolt

Tell us about Nuvolt’s people policies and your commitment to paying the real Living Wage as an accredited Living Wage Employer:

At Nuvolt, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. We are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. Our people policies are designed to ensure the well-being and professional growth of our team. We are proud to pay the real Living Wage, recognising the importance of fair compensation in maintaining a motivated and productive workforce.

Have you noticed any differences within your organisation since becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer?

Paying the real Living Wage has had a beneficial impact on our company’s productivity and performance, leading to a more experienced and efficient workforce. This stability has enabled us to maintain high standards in our project delivery and client satisfaction.

How do your employees feel about your commitment to paying a minimum of the real Living Wage, that is currently set at a rate of £12 an hour?

Since implementing the real Living Wage, we have observed positive feedback from our employees. This step has been appreciated as it demonstrates our commitment to their financial well-being and respect for their hard work. Employees have also reported that they have increased job satisfaction and feel a stronger sense of loyalty to the company.

Do you feel there are other benefits to becoming a Living Wage Employer?

Our commitment to the real Living Wage extends beyond our organisation, contributing positively to the community. By ensuring our employees are paid fairly, we help to support the local economy in Cardiff and South Wales. This initiative aligns with our broader commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, reinforcing our role as a conscientious company.

In summary, Nuvolt’s commitment to the real Living Wage is a reflection of our dedication to our employees, our clients, and the community. It’s an integral part of our mission to drive sustainable and innovative low carbon technology solutions while fostering a culture of respect and continuous improvement.

“Implementing the real Living Wage at Nuvolt has been a positive step, not just for our employees, but for the entire ethos of our company. It’s more than just a policy; it’s a statement of our values. Seeing the positive impact on our team’s morale and the ripple effect it has had in our community reinforces our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. As an employee, I’m proud to represent a company that genuinely cares for its people and leads by example in the pursuit of a fairer, more sustainable future.”

Laura Ann Seymour, Marketing Manager, Nuvolt

Nuvolt are now also an accredited Living Hours Employer, one of the eight Living Hours Employers in Wales – providing security in hours alongside a Living Wage.

To learn more about Nuvolt, you can visit their website at: nuvolt.co.uk

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