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Front Door Communications are a Cardiff-based PR, social media and content marketing agency. We spoke to their Director, Kathryn Chadwick about why they became a Living Wage Employer.

Front Door Communications was founded in 2017, and my business partner, Lynsey and I had no idea at that time that we would need to employ staff. All we knew was we wanted to provide quality PR services to clients that we loved and believed in. Little did we know how quickly we would need to hire someone, and after a four-month period, our first recruit Beth joined us.

Our vision from the very beginning was to provide a great service to our clients that would deliver real results. To maintain our vision, we knew we had to hire incredible people, so there was no real discussion about salaries as we knew we wanted to pay well to find the talent, and this has been our ethos ever since.

As our team has grown, we continue to pay our employees above the national living wage. We are proud that we have a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists, allowing us to expand our offering from traditional PR to forward-thinking digital marketing services. We are now able to support our clients even further, maintaining our goal of delivering a first-class service.

We decided to apply for the Living Wage accreditation to support us with future employment requirements, and to strengthen our reputation with our clients. We are a responsible employer, and we want the best talent to support our clients. This accreditation simply reaffirms what we do naturally.

We will continue to pay above the national living wage based on a typical 37.5-hour week, but we also really value time. As such, we offer flexible working for a true work-life balance, and our contracted working week is only 35 hours a week. The next goal for us is to apply for the Living Hours accreditation as we hope to recruit a few more talented PR and digital marketing specialists next year

Kathryn Chadwick, Director

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