Become a Living Wage Employer

What do I need to do

The criteria for accreditation are the same whether you are a private, public or voluntary sector organisation.

To become accredited you need to (i) pay all of your directly employed staff a Living Wage, and (ii) have a plan in place to extend that to regular sub-contracted staff as well. 

Steps to accreditation

Pay the real Living Wage to all directly employed staff
Have a plan to pay your contractors the Real Living Wage
Complete the application form


Register interest

Application Pack

Check Criteria

Directly employed staff

Contracted Workers


Future Contracts


Submit Application

Accreditation Fee


Announce Accreditation

Go further

How much does it cost

There is a sliding scale of accreditation fees depending on the size of your organisation.

Cardiff Employers

SMEs within Cardiff County can apply to have their fees reimbursed  through the Cardiff Council Accreditation Support Scheme.

Type of organisation 0-10 employees 11-50 employees 51-250 employees 251-500 employees 500+ employees
Private sector

Public sector and charities



For further help and support on your journey to becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer contact the Living Wage accreditation team in Wales.


To find out more details about the criteria for accreditation, you can find a detailed list of FAQs on the Living Wage Foundation website.

Become a
Living Wage

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