Knox and Wells: Accrediting to raise awareness of Low Pay

“In a civilised society, all workers should receive a fair day’s pay for an honest day’s work. As we pay more than the Living Wage, for Knox & Wells, joining the Living Wage movement was, and still is, about raising awareness of low pay.

Although there has been no direct benefit to our employees, the modern workforce increasingly want to work for a caring employer. Joining the Living Wage movement, and our reasons for doing so, helps demonstrate that Knox & Wells cares, not just about them, but about society as a whole.

I would encourage all employers to join the movement, as we build a fairer society. Whether there are direct benefits for your employees or not, there are increasing benefits for companies to be associated with and pay the Living Wage. There is a growing requirement to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and more and more clients expect their suppliers to behave accordingly.”

Guy Leach, Director, Knox and Wells Ltd

Name of organisation: Knox & Wells Ltd
Purpose/nature of organisation: Building Contractor
Location: Cardiff
Date of accreditation: September 2016

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