Merthyr Valley Homes: Being able to create a good nest egg when you need it the most

Merthyr Valley homes combine being Living Wage accredited with a payroll savings and loan partnership to ensure that employees can save for emergencies, holidays or celebrations.

Merthyr Valley Homes is both a successful payroll savings and loans scheme partner with Merthyr Credit Union, and an accredited Real Living Wage employer.

“Many of our staff are delighted to save and borrow from the credit union. Because the amount is taking directly from their salary they don’t notice it’s gone which is a great advantage. It also comes as a welcome surprise when they realise how much has mounted up over time. Many colleagues like to save for Christmas because you can create a good nest egg when you need it the most.”

Candy Passmore, HR & Development Officer, Merthyr Valley Homes

“I save regularly with the credit union so I’ve always got money behind me if I need it in an emergency or if I’m saving for a holiday or a family celebration.”

Testimonial from team member at Merthyr Valley Homes

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