Millrace Marketing: Paying Creative Minds Enough to Earn a Living Doing a Job They Love

“Millrace Marketing is a content marketing agency based in Cardiff. We specialise in planning and creating online marketing materials such as videos, blogs, case studies, mail shots, infographics and social media posts designed to engage consumers and help turn them into customers. At Millrace, we champion that a hard day’s work deserves a fair days pay. So, we are very excited that we have become an official real living wage employer!

We work in a sector brimming with talent and enthusiasm. Sadly, some businesses take advantage of this and expect creative minds to work for little pay (or for free), making it very difficult for people to earn a living, doing a job they love. This is why we are so proud to become an official real living wage employer and so can ensure our employees always receive a salary considered to be a real living wage, rather than a national wage.

Millrace are thrilled to join the movement and each year we will continue to ensure all our employees are paid honestly.”

Laura Aherne, Director

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