Webinar: The Real Living Wage: What is it and Why does it matter?

Heard about the Living Wage and want to know more? Interested in implementing higher wages across your organisation but not sure how?

Join The Living Wage Foundation on Monday 15th November, 4-5pm to find out more.

This webinar is for employers from any sector who want to learn more about the real Living Wage. It will be covering how the rates are calculated, how accreditation works, and what it could mean for your organisation, your staff and your local community.

The Living Wage Foundation will be welcoming a diverse panel of speakers from across the private, public and third sectors, alongside representatives from the TUC and the Resolution Foundation, and (soon to be announced) Welsh representatives to bust some myths about the Living Wage, provide you with a space to ask questions, and to support you on your journey towards becoming part of the Living Wage movement.

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