Waterloo Tea’s Good Food Pledge and the real living wage

Food Cardiff spoke to Kasim Ali, founder and proprietor of Waterloo Tea, about helping Cardiff achieve Gold Sustainable Food Places status by the year 2024.

“For us, ‘sustainability’ isn’t just about the food we put on our plates, it’s ensuring that our staff are looked after too. Historically we’ve always paid above minimum wage but around the time of Covid, we decided we wanted to formalise this and make it an official part of the way we work. As an industry, hospitality has masses of people on low wages, and often this just isn’t enough to cover the cost of living. As an employer, you have to do something about that – staff are the most important part of the business. We have been a Certified Living Wage employer for about two years now.”

Kasim Ali

Watch the video below to hear more:

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